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Affordable yet Professional Catering

Who We Are

    AJ and Novi founded Rent a Chef Catering in 2012, and are proud to be locally own and operated in Wanganui

Novi started her hospitality career in the beautiful island of Bali. And then continue her journey working at several 7 star diamond hotel, the Burj al Arab in Dubai before heading to an exciting career experience working on the Regent Seven Seas Cruise Liners

For the past 27 of years AJ has worked in some of the prestige hotels in Australia and London before heading for a   career at sea, where he ended up as an Executive Chef within the Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Before making his debut exit from life at seas he headed an expedition cruise to the Atlantic as a Consultant Chef for Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Planning their own wedding in 2010, finding an affordable yet professional catering that fit into their budget prove to be a challenge and decided to cater for themselves. Which launch the idea of Rent a Chef - Catering, the affordable yet professional caterers