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Affordable yet Professional Catering

Drop n' Go

RaCC - Hat    Ideal informal catering for large numbers at Social affairs, Gatherings, Sports events, Weddings, etc.

Meats arrive hot and carved on trays topped with gravy, ready to serve

We arrange setup, ready for you and your guests to help themselves.


 Option A: - With Dessert - $28 per person - minimum 30 People

 Option B: - With NO Dessert - $24 per person - minimum 30 People

Both options include all disposable; plates, cutlery and napkin set

Your Choice of Two Roast Meats:

Beef rump
sprinkled wiht garlic & herbs - (served with gravy)

Chicken - (Served with gravy)

Ham on the bone  - (served with gravy & grain mustard)

Pork with crackling - (served with gravy & apple sauce)

Your Choice of Three Fresh Gourmet Salads:

Egg and celery salad

Creamy egg salad with celery, spring onions, bell peppers dressed in a light curry mayonnaise dressing

Creamy Potato salad

Cubed potatoes tossed with bell peppers, spring onions and coated in a grain mustard dressing

Waldorf salad

Fresh apples, celery, and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise

Tropical pasta salad

Fruity, coconut flavoured pasta salad with Cucumber, Peppers, raisins, and pine nuts

Mumbai rice salad

Lightly curried rice with apple, onion, capsicum, raisins and parsley.


A combernation of shredded raw cabbage, carrots and spring onion, dressed with mayonnaise

Garden green salad

Assorted garden greens topped with shredded vegetables and dressed with house dressing

This Package also includes:

Potatoes with minted butter and Fresh Baked vreads and Butter

 Your Desserts:

Tropical fruit salad

Fruits of the season, diced to bite sized pieces immersed in orange juice syrup  

Dark Rich Chocolate cake

Layers of dark chocolate ganache and chocolate fudge frosting