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Affordable yet Professional Catering

Elegant Buffet Menu

RaCC - Hat    A perfect ideal menu for an elegant setting,

such as Wedding, Anniversaries Formal Occation and gallery-dropn'go-01 or Birthdays

Menu Option One

One Carvery, one mains, two sides, two salads and two desserts

$35.00 per person

Menu Option Two

One Carvery, two mains, two sides, three salads and two desserts

$38.00 per person

Menu Option Three

One Carvery, two mains, three sides, three salads and three desserts

$41.00 per person

Included in all options:

Baker’s baskets of gourmet breads with butter

High quality cutleries

Please note that the menu does not include:

 Tea & Coffee

Buffet table and table cloth, please ensure these are provided

From the Carvery


Roast Beef

Rubbed with garlic & grain mustard, Served with horse-radish cream and gravy

 New Zealand’s first class Lamb leg

With thyme & garlic, Served with minted gravy

 Roast Pork, with own crackling

Apple sauce and gravy

 Honey glazed ham on the bone

Served with seed grain mustard and gravy

 Prime Rib of Beef,

Rubbed with garlic & fresh herbs, Served with horse-radish cream and gravy

 (extra - $2 per head)

Mains from the buffet


Beef Stroganoff

Strips of lean beef sautéed in paprika and creamy onions and mushrooms

Salmon Medallions

Dusted with Moroccan seasoning and served with lime & coriander salsa

Creamy Honey Mustard Chicken

Chicken drums braised in a sweet and creamy honey mustard sauce

Chicken tandoori

Tender chicken drums marinated and baked in tandoori spices

 Butter Chicken

Tender boneless chicken roasted and finished in a mild creamy tomato flavoured sauce

 Seafood Mornay

A selection of seafood poached in a creamy white wine sauce

Vegetarian Options


Mediterranean lasagne

Layers of grilled vegetables sandwiched between pasta sheets finished with a rich tomato basil sauce top with mozzarella

 Creamy Pasta Bake

Bite sized pasta baked in a creamy mushroom sauce topped with cheese

Greek Eggplant Moussaka

Layers of potato, eggplant and tomatoes sandwiched between rich tomato sauce and topped with feta cheese

 Side Dishes


Pasta basil bake

Pasta baked in tomato creamy and basil pesto sauce, with Mediterranean vegetables

 Gourmet potatoes

Boiled potatoes flavoured with creamy mint sauce

 O’Brian potatoes

Diced potatoes baked with bacon, bell peppers, red onions and cream,

Potato Gratin

Layers of potato cooked in cream flavoured with nutmeg, sprinkled with cheese and browned

 Roast pumpkin

Pumpkin flavoured with nutmeg and sage and roasted till golden

 Roast kumara

Sweet potato flavoured with lemon pepper seasoning and roasted till golden

 Pilaf rice with vegetables

Diced garden fresh vegetable baked with rice and vegetable stock

 Medley of seasonal vegetables

Fresh seasonal vegetables steaming hot liaison with butter

 Broccoli and cauliflower Mornay

Lightly-steamed vegetables coated in a white Cheddar Mornay sauce and baked with a crusty topping

Minted peas

Lightly-steamed, then flavoured with butter and mint

Honey glazed carrots  

Lightly-steamed baby carrots, then glazed in honey, butter and orange juice



Garden green salad

Assorted garden greens topped with shredded vegetables and dressed with house dressing

Creamy Potato salad

Cubed potatoes tossed with bell peppers, spring onions and coated in a grain mustard dressing

Waldorf salad

Fresh apples, celery, and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise

Sundried tomato pesto and pasta salad

Al dente cooked pasta mixed with Mediterranean vegetables and coated with a rich tomato and pesto dressing

Mumbai rice salad

Lightly curried rice with apple, onion, capsicum, raisins and parsley.

Oriental noodle salad

Egg noodles with shredded vegetables in a hot and spicy sauce

Egg and celery salad

Creamy egg salad with celery, spring onions, bell peppers dressed in a light curry mayonnaise dressing

Greek salad

A rustic salad consisting of pieces of tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and Kalamata olives, seasoned with salt, oregano, and dressed with olive oil and red wine vinaigrette

Tropical pasta salad

Fruity, coconut flavoured pasta salad with Cucumber, Peppers, raisins, and pine nuts



Mini Pavlova

Small decedent pavlova served with raspberry coulis and Chantilly cream

 Chocolate éclairs

Crispy choux pastry filled with Chantilly cream dipped and coated in chocolate 

 Chocolate swirl cheesecake

Baileys infused flavouring swirled with chocolate sauce, on a crispy bottom

 Triple berry cheesecake

Seasonal berries flavoured cake on a crispy bottom

 Tropical fruit salad

Fruits of the season, diced to bite sized pieces immersed in orange juice syrup

 Carrot Cake

Sweet and moist spice cake, full of carrots and toasted nuts, covered in cream cheese icing

 Dark Rich Chocolate cake

Layers of dark chocolate ganache and chocolate fudge frosting

 Brandy snaps

A light cannoli-like cylindrical cookie filled with Chantilly Cream